Buy someone lunch today

We are sitting in Terminal B at LAX awaiting the departure of our flight to Kathmandu through Singapore (we also stop for a refueling in Japan). Some alarm just went off in the airport as I started to write this post and apparently LAX thinks the best alarm sound is a constant, piercing, high-pitched wail so my brain feels like it’s about to leak out of my ears. Can’t fault them too much though given that I’m writing this on their free Wifi.

This last weekend was a mad rush up to the end getting everything in order. Dozens of things popped up: doing taxes and financial planning, getting our renter set up in our house, getting a prescription for an infection from Kaiser the day before departure, etc.

After a yummy shared breakfast in Santa Monica

We wanted to see our friends before heading out (and we hope they wanted to see us too!). Looking back now I realize that for the past two and a half weeks I’ve had almost every meal scheduled with someone. Breakfast, lunch and dinner Monday through Sunday (plus sometimes drinks or coffee as well). We’ve even ‘traveled by meal,’ making our way from San Diego to Santa Monica by treating friends along the way in exchange for rides that frog hop up the coast. It’s a hell of a lot more fun than the train!

When we get back to the U.S. later this year we won’t be able to maintain a social schedule that intense. But I definitely plan on devoting a lot more effort to proactively engaging with my friends and network. We can start by eating dinner with other people at least three times per week.

Although this recent regimen might seem exhausting, it was actually empowering. Humans are social animals and it was truly rejuvenating to spend so much time with those we care deeply about. Social networks are an integral part of our personal, professional and emotional lives. They’re like gardens, they need active cultivation and irrigation. The fruit tastes a lot better if the tree is well cared for. It’s humbling to feel the power of your community around you in such a visceral way. Plus, what better way to connect with someone than over a mouth-watering pair of lovingly crafted carnitas tacos with extra guacamole?! Go buy someone lunch today! It’ll make their day, and yours…

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