Beer + Coffee = Success.

Come up with great ideas!

I was sipping on a latte at Turquoise Coffee in San Diego today chatting with a friend who’s an Australian serial entrepreneur. We were discussing the cultural differences between the startup scenes of San Diego and Silicon Valley and the cultural similarities of artists and entrepreneurs. Then we realized something awesome: beer + coffee = success.

Beer loosens up your mental muscles and lowers you inhibitions to thinking outside the box. It’s the perfect beverage to pair with brainstorming. Beer fuels your creativity.

Execute them!

Coffee gets you in the zone and helps you brush away distractions. It’s the perfect beverage to pair with execution. Coffee fuels your productivity.

If you combine coffee, beer and smart, action-oriented people, there’s nothing that can stand in your way. A guy at the adjacent table in the cafe overheard our conversation. He interrupted to say, “Write a book about that! I’ll be your first customer.”

A book might take a while but for the meantime, hopefully this post can suffice.