Book Review: A.I. Apocalypse

William Hertling is a software security consultant who’s recently started to pump out some of the most interesting techno-thrillers out there. A.I. Apocalypse is the follow up to Hertling’s breakout hit Avogadro Corp that follows the development of a rogue artificial intelligence by a Google-like company (techies will notice the clever play on Google’s name).

A.I. Apocalypse follows the release of a computer virus developed along the foundations of evolutionary biology. The book is a thrilling page-turner that most readers will tear through in no time. Hertling is a software expert and the scenario he envisions is scary precisely because it’s so possible with current technology that it seems almost inevitable.

Software is permeating literally everything we use, touch or do. Computers infrastructure has changed the world in ways we take completely for granted. Hertling presents a compelling and chilling view of what very well be around the next corner. Apparently the book is a cult hit at Google itself, so we all better stay sharp…