I help founders clarify purpose, define strategy, and tell stories that connect and empower those they seek to serve.

Selected projects:

  • Advised dozens of founders on product, story, and strategy.
  • Co-created the W3 Award winning narrative website True Blue.
  • Wrote commissioned science fiction stories for Fortune 100 CEOs to complement strategic planning.
  • Gave talks at places like Google, SXSW, Comic Con, the Electronic Frontier Foundation, Niantic, the Conference on World Affairs, Future in Review, and UC San Diego.
  • Co-designed the critically acclaimed game Machine Learning President and co-produced two live sessions in partnership with the Long Now Foundation and Cards Against Humanity.
  • Wrote founding manifesto capturing core values, longterm mission, and underlying strategy for AI/ML startup.
  • Co-led storytelling workshop for Qualcomm’s top engineers.
  • Published column and commissioned/edited stories exploring the feedback loop between speculative fiction and real world technological change for Scout.
  • Created commercialization plans for geophysics startup, resulting in millions of dollars of revenue, private investment, and government grants.
  • Wrote essays for publications like TechCrunch, OneZero, the Boston Globe, GEN, Every,, NEO.LIFE, Future, Techdirt, and Harvard Business Review.
  • Spun new IP out of universities, worked on early-stage venture financings, and provided drop-in operational support for portfolio companies as an entrepreneur-in-residence at a venture capital fund.
  • Co-founded boutique consultancy that helped climate tech firms expand into new international markets.

My work has been featured by the New Yorker, Entrepreneur, the Economist, VentureBeat, Inc., Businessweek, Economy, Forbes, VICE, Huffington Post, the Verge, Quartz, BBC, NPR, and the New York Times.

Consulting inquiries: