• Foundry Cover


    Coming October 11th, 2023.

    This is a story about two spies locked in a room with a gun. This is a story about how semiconductors are refactoring 21st century geopolitics. This is a story about the greatest of games, the game that subsumes all other games, the only game that really matters: power. This is a story about finding […]

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  • Reap3r

    Whatever Peper writes about is what we’ll be talking about for the next year, and grappling with for the next decade.

    James Cham, partner at Bloomberg Beta

    How far would you go to achieve your greatest ambition? Nothing is what it seems in this speculative thriller about a quantum computer scientist, virologist, podcaster, venture capitalist, and assassin coming together to untangle a twisted enigma that will change the course of future history. Everyone has something to hide, and every transgression is a […]

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  • Veil

    This is the best kind of science fiction.

    Kim Stanley Robinson

    When her mother dies in a heat wave that kills twenty million, Zia León abandons a promising diplomatic career to lead humanitarian aid missions to regions ravaged by drought, wildfires, and sea level rise. What Zia doesn’t know is that clandestine forces are gathering around her in pursuit of a colossal secret: someone has hijacked […]

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  • Breach

    Simply terrific science fiction from the (very) near future.

    Seth Godin

    Book 3 of the Analog Series.When you’ve betrayed your revolutionary cadre, an off-grid fight club on a remote tropical island is a good place to hide—or die. For notorious ex-hacker Emily Kim, the outcome of each fight makes little difference. Black-market blood sport is the perfect self-imposed penance. But when she stumbles on a plot […]

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  • Borderless

    A sharply rendered, wildly entertaining thriller speaking to the dangerous realities of our present.

    East Bay Express

    Book 2 of the Analog Series.Exiled from Washington after a covert operation gone wrong, Diana is building a new life as a freelance spy, though her obsessive secrecy is driving away the few friends and allies she can count on. When she’s hired to investigate the world’s leading techno capitalist, she unknowingly accepts an assignment […]

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  • Bandwidth

    Real and urgent. I read it all in a single fascinated sitting.

    The New York Times Book Review

    Book 1 of the Analog Series.A rising star at a preeminent political lobbying firm, Dag Calhoun represents the world’s most powerful technology and energy executives. But when a close brush with death reveals that the influence he wields makes him a target, impossible cracks appear in his perfect, richly appointed life. Like everyone else, Dag […]

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  • Neon Fever Dream

    A tightly-woven tale of espionage and self-realization.

    Popular Science

    A dark secret hides in the swirling dust and exultant revelry of Burning Man. Asha Amarasuriya is bored and struggling to get by as a martial arts instructor in Oakland. When an enigmatic seductress offers her a golden ticket, Asha decides to take a leap of faith and head to Burning Man. But there is […]

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  • Cumulus

    Cumulus is your new favorite surveillance-fueled dystopian novel. It’s a future we can all recognize—and one that we should all be genuinely afraid of.

    Ars Technica

    In the not-so-distant future, economic inequality and persistent surveillance push Oakland to the brink of civil war. Lilly Miyamoto is a passionate analog photographer striving to pursue an ever more distant dream. Huian Li is preeminent among the Silicon Valley elite as the founder and CEO of the pervasive tech giant Cumulus. Graham Chandler is […]

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  • Exit Strategy

    You’re going to go on a hell of a wrenching journey and I promise that it will enrich you long after you’ve reached the end. Books

    Book 3 of the Uncommon Series.Mara Winkel is America’s tech darling, CEO of the fastest-growing startup in the world. Her company, Mozaik, fights financial fraud with its revolutionary software and is hurtling towards a record-breaking IPO. But just as Mara and her team prepare for the ultimate success, the dark forces that have haunted them […]

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  • Power Play

    Offers readers a special lens into a unique and compelling world packed with intrigue and adventure. A must-read trilogy.

    Huffington Post Books

    Book 2 of the Uncommon Series.Mara Winkel is the CEO of Mozaik, the fastest-growing tech startup in Boulder, CO. But Mozaik doesn’t just build widgets; their software uncovers financial fraud. When Mozaik’s first major project reveals a dark secret at the heart of a large international bank, Mara and her team get sucked deeper into […]

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  • Version 1.0

    Relentlessly readable. Be warned, if you start, you probably won’t stop.

    San Francisco Magazine

    Book 1 of the Uncommon Series.Mara Winkel is rock climbing, mountain biking, and ‘studying’ her way through school at the University of Colorado, Boulder. But when her best friend James asks her to partner with him to start a disruptive new software company she discovers that the world of technology startups is fraught with intrigue, […]

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