Foundry Cover

This is a story about two spies locked in a room with a gun.

This is a story about how semiconductors are refactoring 21st century geopolitics.

This is a story about the greatest of games, the game that subsumes all other games, the only game that really matters: power.

This is a story about finding yourself before they find you.

This story is a trap.

  • “A precision engineered labyrinth of spies and semiconductors, yet messy and human.”

    -Hannu Rajaniemi, author of The Quantum Thief

  • “If you love near-term sci-fi, Eliot’s books are must-reads.”

    -David Mandel, Massive

  • “Eliot Peper’s genius? Making the unbelievable feel like it’s just around the corner. If you weren’t a Peper fan already, you will be after this read. Dive in, but don’t expect to come up for air anytime soon.”

    -Ozan Varol, author of Awaken Your Genius

  • “Ready for tomorrow’s headlines.”

    -Simon Bisson, InfoWorld

  • “I’m very excited for this one, because it’s set in the milieu of semi­con­ductor manufacturing, an industry that is, in its real-world impor­tance and secrecy, totally thriller-worthy.”

    -Robin Sloan, author of Sourdough

  • “I cannot express how excited I am to read this.”

    -Josh Elman, Apple

  • “A blast of intense geopolitical intrigue centered around semiconductors. Snag a copy—I’ve already got mine.”

    -Danny Crichton, Lux

  • “The kind of ‘ripped from the headlines in a couple years’ sci-fi that feels in active dialogue with the fringes of tech, because it is.”

    -Nabeel Hyatt, Spark Capital

  • “A spy adventure that takes unexpected turns and sticks a landing that had me cheering. Truly a lot of fun—I inhaled it in one sitting.”

    -Ben Werdmuller, The 19th

  • “Cinematic, funny, gripping, and incredibly prescient. THIS BOOK RULES!”

    -Noah Chestnut, Buzzer

  • “Reading Peper novels could be described as future-prepping—glimpsing the world that hasn’t happened yet. Foundry is another look around the corner. The timing is eerily good.”

    -David Lang, executive director at the Experiment Foundation

Eliot Peper is the author of eleven novels, including Bandwidth, Veil, Cumulus, Reap3r, and, most recently, Foundry. He also consults on special projects. The best way to follow his writing is to subscribe to his newsletter.