Book 3 of the Analog Series.
When you’ve betrayed your revolutionary cadre, an off-grid fight club on a remote tropical island is a good place to hide—or die. For notorious ex-hacker Emily Kim, the outcome of each fight makes little difference. Black-market blood sport is the perfect self-imposed penance. But when she stumbles on a plot to overthrow the corporate empire that provides the ubiquitous global feed, Emily discovers her old friends have been targeted. Warning them will force her out into the open, back on-grid, and directly into danger. Emily can’t escape the past. But can she seize the future? Emily’s quest for redemption spirals into an all-out shadow war. What constitutes justice in a world run by algorithms? The feed—and Emily—must be reinvented. Or destroyed.

  • “The Analog series from Eliot Peper is simply terrific science fiction from the (very) near future—I loved all three.”

    -Seth Godin, bestselling author and entrepreneur

  • “Eliot Peper has accomplished the extraordinary, rendering our own world searingly visible through an imaginary future, and producing an entirely plausible fictional universe with its own logics, rules, and legends. Deeply plotted and bracingly narrated, Breach is a joy to read, a puzzle to consider, and a cultural mystery to solve.”

    -Eva Hagberg Fisher, author of How To Be Loved

  • “Futuristic science fiction thrillers at their best. Smart, relevant, exciting, informed, intriguing.”

    -Matt Wallace, author of The Next Fix, The Failed Cities, and the Slingers Saga

Eliot Peper is the author of eleven novels, including Bandwidth, Veil, Cumulus, Reap3r, and, most recently, Foundry. He also consults on special projects. The best way to follow his writing is to subscribe to his newsletter.