Exit Strategy

Book 3 of the Uncommon Series.
Mara Winkel is America’s tech darling, CEO of the fastest-growing startup in the world. Her company, Mozaik, fights financial fraud with its revolutionary software and is hurtling towards a record-breaking IPO. But just as Mara and her team prepare for the ultimate success, the dark forces that have haunted them since the beginning move in for the kill. Will they free themselves and achieve their dream or be forever consigned to the shackles of criminal conspiracy on a global scale?

  • “Peper has masterfully created a three-part thriller set against the backdrop of the startup world. You’re going to go on a hell of a wrenching journey and I promise that it will enrich you for long after you’ve reached the end.”

    -Tech.co Books

  • “The perfect ending to a riveting trilogy. What Grisham is to the legal thriller, Peper is to the world of tech.”

    -Bob Holmen, managing director at Miramar Venture Partners

  • “Peper combines romance, violence, and grit in a heady mix that will keep you reading nonstop until the end. Love it!”

    -Danielle Morrill, CEO at Mattermark

Eliot Peper is the author of eleven novels, including Bandwidth, Veil, Cumulus, Reap3r, and, most recently, Foundry. He also consults on special projects. The best way to follow his writing is to subscribe to his newsletter.