How far would you go to achieve your greatest ambition?

Nothing is what it seems in this speculative thriller about a quantum computer scientist, virologist, podcaster, venture capitalist, and assassin coming together to untangle a twisted enigma that will change the course of future history. Everyone has something to hide, and every transgression is a portal to discovery.

Taking you on a whirlwind journey from the heart of the San Francisco Bay Area to the distant shores of the Galápagos, Reap3r is a propulsive adventure that grapples with the price of progress and how technology shapes our lives and world.

  • “Addictively readable with as much momentum as a multistage rocket—fueled by a high octane cocktail of super cool concepts that should become reality.”

    -Hannu Rajaniemi, CEO of HelixNano and award winning author of The Quantum Thief

  • “I couldn’t put it down! I wanted to cancel my plans and spend an entire day reading it from start to finish, but managed to do it in two.”

    -Rebecca Hiscott, managing editor at Stripe Press

  • “Whatever Peper writes about is what we’ll be talking about for the next year, and grappling with for the next decade.”

    -James Cham, partner at Bloomberg Beta

  • “Fast-paced and chock-full of ideas, weaving together scientific and technological wonders with deeper questions around the human condition—a delight from start to finish.”

    -Samuel Arbesman, scientist in residence at Lux Capital and author of The Half-Life of Facts and Overcomplicated

  • “Emerging technologies like digital surveillance and genetic engineering give those who control them the power to make life much better or worse for everyone. Reap3r tells a realistic and very human story about the profound ethical problems facing the technologists who forge these double-edged swords and the consequences for the rest of us. Highly recommended.”

    -Craig Newmark, founder of Craigslist

  • “Holy f this book is good.”

    -Nathan Baschez, president of Every

  • “Quintessential Peper. Ratcheting suspense in each chapter, the questions raised in Reap3r linger long after finishing the last page.”

    The Critiquing Chemist

  • “Every story about the future is a story about the present—and Reap3r is a rip-roaring cable-car tour of the San Francisco tech weltanschauung. If that world feels familiar, you need to read this book. And if that world feels alien to you, then you really need to read it.”

    -Nicholas Paul Brysiewicz, director of strategy at The Long Now Foundation

Eliot Peper is the author of eleven novels, including Bandwidth, Veil, Cumulus, Reap3r, and, most recently, Foundry. He also consults on special projects. The best way to follow his writing is to subscribe to his newsletter.