Startup sausage fest

Last week I was talking to a good friend and biotech entrepreneur who recently moved to Palo Alto. He described the mediocre night life as “a tech sausage fest.” The prototypical 20-something white male startup founder is really starting to get stale. I’m a 20-something white male myself and I’m really ready to see some new blood injected into the scene. Additional diversity can only help to increase the depth and volume of creativity in the world of entrepreneurship and I can’t wait to see what happens as the community becomes more inclusive.

That’s one of the reasons why I’m stoked to read Halley Tucker‘s new book Founders Less Than Three, “a funny, sexy novel about 10 startups with 5 CEO girls, and 5 CEO guys and their race for funding and fun.” Startups need more girls, and Halley is a perfect example of the driven women who are getting into the game with zeal. I’m also excited to read the book because it’s a rare example of startup fiction, a genre many of you know I’ve been hankering to read. In fact, I started writing my current novel because I couldn’t find any startup fiction to read. Incidentally, the startup CEO in my book happens to be female. Congrats Halley, I can’t wait to curl up with my Kindle.