Book Review: Kill Decision


Once in a while I read a book that makes me very, very worried. Daniel Suarez‘s Kill Decision is high on that list. It’s a thriller that explores the potential impacts of drone technology on defense, governance and privacy. Daniel’s a technologist himself and the scenario he’s dreamt up is so scary precisely because it’s so believable.

Almost everything in Kill Decision is possible with off-the-shelf technology today. This is particularly close to home because San Diego is quickly becoming the hub for drone technology development. I’ve met with two brand new startups in the past year working specifically on civilian and military applications. 3D Robotics, a San Diego company, just secured a new investment from Foundry Group, one of the major VC placements in the region this year. The FAA is planning to use San Diego as a test case for rolling out new regulations on civilian drone use and momentum is building fast.

This is a prime example of machines taking over the world and it usually pays to get out in front of trends like this. It’s much more fun to help shape a future empowered by new technology that be dragged kicking and screaming into a Kill Decision. Read it. And next time you see a hobbyist flying around a toy drone, think twice.