Launch highlight reel: week one

For all of you who have been following Uncommon Stock‘s launch this past week, here’s the highlight reel of updates:

All of our success so far (and any to come) has been based solely on one thing: the support of friends and readers. We have yet to spend a single dollar on marketing. The path to publication is lined with a thousand favors and I need your help.
Do you have ideas for a guerrilla marketing stunt? Have a friend who might want to review the book on their blog? Know someone at Google who can set up a book talk? Need content for your next newsletter? Want a review copy? Email me (elpeper [at] gmail [dot] com).
The three most important things are (1) buy the book, (2) read it and review it, and (3) share it with your friends (social media, word of mouth, etc.).
I’ve been completely blown away by the response so far and I know it’s all thanks to you. I deeply appreciate your help and enthusiasm and I find it deeply cool that you’re finally enjoying the story alongside me. Now, back to writing the next book…
My fiancee Drea treats me to dinner on launch day!