Mozaik raises Series B investment from Foundry Group

The hottest new startup!

For those of you who haven’t already heard the big news, world-leading venture capital firm Foundry Group just announced their Series B investment in Mozaik:

“Sometimes we come across a company that we know is going to change the world. They’ve got something magic in the tank that’s simply inevitable. It’s like they’re travelling back in time and building something that that in the future will be considered obvious. That’s Mozaik.
Brad will join the board with this Series B financing and we couldn’t be more excited to work alongside Mara and James as they reshape the financial ecosystem. Their product fits squarely into our Glue theme. Mozaik is building technology that scrapes and vets the entire digital world of finance and stitches the pieces back together in a more rational way. Just as Twitter has reshaped social movements, Mozaik will transform our ongoing battle against corruption and fraud.  Who knows, maybe one day it can automatically produce financial reports so that we don’t need to use accountants anymore.
At Foundry Group, we love backing young founders who are ready to sink their teeth in and make a dent in the universe. We’re thrilled to see where Mara and James take Mozaik. Brad is already looking forward to his first board meeting with them. You can find out more about them here, and even more here.
Oh yeah, and Mara runs almost as much as Brad does so hopefully a marathon is in order soon.”

To go along with the announcement, Mozaik decided to leave stealth-mode and post its first public website:

Mara must be thrilled to have Foundry Group at her back and Brad on her board. Finance will never be the same.