Want to read an ebook but don’t have a Kindle?

Since Uncommon Stock launched on March 5th I’ve been getting the occasional question from readers that want to read the digital version but don’t have an ebook reader. Luckily there’s a simple solution:

Download the free Kindle app from Amazon and read on any device. Then buy Uncommon Stock through Amazon and start reading. It’s that simple. You’ll have it up and running in two minutes.

For those of you that want print copies (and signed ones too!), don’t worry. We’re finishing up typesetting and they should be available soon.

Along with my publisher FG Press, we’re experimenting with everything we can think of because the publishing industry is in such a state of uproar. That’s why we created a real website for Mozaik, the fictional tech startup featured in the book. That’s why a major venture capital firm announced investing in them.

One of those experiments is a “digital first” policy. Preparing a digital book takes days. Preparing the same print book takes weeks. We release the digital versions of the book when they’re ready. We don’t to make readers wait until the print version is prepared to access the digital version.

I want to get new stories into your hands ASAP and hopefully doing digital first is one way to achieve that. What do you guys think so far?