You sent Uncommon Stock to #1 on Amazon!

Wow! I mean, I was excited for launch day but… seriously?! I’ve got a crazy story for you. But before we dive in…

Today is the last day to grab your free copy of Uncommon Stock: Version 1.0 on Amazon, click here to get it.

Uncommon Stock: Power Play released on Wednesday has a 4.9 star average rating on a base of 34 reviews. If you haven’t yet, click here to snag a copy. I’ll follow up with a full launch report later but we had a ton of fun press coverage and the book immediately shot into the top 100 technothrillers and top 10 hot new releases on Amazon. That’s especially cool because it’s a sequel. New readers need to start with the first book, Uncommon Stock: Version 1.0.

And that’s where the plot thickened. We decided to make Version 1.0 free on Amazon yesterday and today only to celebrate Power Play‘s release. That way, readers new to the series can take the story for a test drive. Yesterday we watched with baited breath as Version 1.0 climbed the Amazon charts. #35. #17. #9. #6. #4. #3… #1!!!!!

Version 1.0 is the #1 bestselling technothriller on Amazon’s Kindle Free Store. Not only that, it’s #50 overall in the entire Kindle Store. That means thousands and thousands of new readers are joining Mara and James on their adventure of a lifetime.

Power Play continues that adventure and I’m humbled by how folks are describing it:

“The perfect book for anyone who wants a thrill ride through the world of tech startups.”
David Cohen, Founder and Managing Partner at Techstars

“It’s rare that a sequel really ratchets up the story and takes the things you loved about the first book to a whole new level. Power Play does so brilliantly!”
Josh Anon, founder and CEO at Visioneer Studios

“Must read. But be prepared to stay awake until finished. Eliot’s first book was a one-session page-turner, now this second installment is, if anything, even better. Somebody should pick up the rights and turn this into a House of Cards style series.”
Keith Teare, founder at Chat Center, Partner at Archimedes Labs, co-founder at TechCrunch

I can’t wait to hear what you think of Power Play. If you haven’t started the series yet, grab that free copy of Version 1.0. Oh, and let your friends know this is the last day to get it for free!

You guys, my friends and readers, are the people who sent the books to the top of the lists. I couldn’t be more surprised or grateful.

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