Are Humans the Key to Discovery in a World of Digital Abundance?

I wrote a column for Xconomy about how the internet has changed the way we discover new stuff (books, songs, movies, news, etc.). The shift has been far more fundamental than most people realize. For example, the vast majority of traffic to The New York Times comes not through their front page but through social referrals, i.e. us sharing stories on Facebook/Twitter/etc.

The digital landscape makes curation far more democratic. This is wreaking havoc on legacy business models (record labels, publishers, newspapers, etc.) but is very exciting for the next generation of creatives.

In a fun twist, new services like Product Hunt Books (which launches today) and Apple Music are building platforms to enable more efficient human curation, so we’re not left stranded with the current standard of algorithmic mediocrity embedded in Pandora, Google News feeds, and Amazon also-boughts.

Excited to hear your thoughts on the trend. You can read the full article here: