Uncommon Stock: Exit Strategy launches today!

Drum roll…

Uncommon Stock: Exit Strategy is here at last! Mozaik is the fastest-growing startup in America and the envy of the Silicon Valley. But just as Mara and her team are rocketing towards their IPO, the conspiracy that’s been haunting them since day one swoops in for the kill. I’ve got a feeling you’re going to love the conclusion to The Uncommon Series and I can’t wait to hear what you think. You can find it right here in digital or paperback formats:


To be honest, I can’t quite believe the day has finally arrived. It seems like no time at all since I sat down and started writing Version 1.0. Over the course of the trilogy, I really got to know Mara, James, Lars, and the rest of the cast. They started out as fragile figments of imagination and have changed and evolved until they started making decisions that surprised me. That was one of the most magical parts of the creative process.

Another unexpected, magical part of the process has been getting to know you. It still feels incredible to me that other people enjoy reading the stories I sit down to write. Nothing is more validating to an author than seeing the story come alive in the imagination of readers. Without you, books do nothing but collect dust.

You’re a diverse bunch. I’ve heard from readers in Kenya, Ireland, Germany, Lebanon, India, Canada, Turkey, and across the US. Many of you share Mara’s entrepreneurial resolve and James’s creative brilliance. It’s an honor getting to know you better. I couldn’t be more giddy about the community that has grown around The Uncommon Series.

Books are a group effort and all of you have contributed to these stories as editors, beta readers, technical experts, and champions. I’ve consistently eschewed traditional publishing and promotional paths. That’s because I try to think like a reader. I don’t find new books on fancy billboards or via sophisticated marketing schemes. In fact, there’s only one way I discover new books: recommendations from friends.

I don’t have a publicist. That’s how I know all the success these stories have found so far is thanks to YOU. It makes a world of difference every time you write an Amazon review, gift a copy to a friend, mention the story at happy hour, post a selfie with the cover, forward the newsletter to a colleague, or share the story on Facebook/Twitter/Reddit/Goodreads/Product Hunt etc. It may feel insignificant, but the impact is incredible. That’s how the trilogy has climbed to #1 in its category on Amazon. That’s how we’ve earned critical acclaim from industry leaders and tastemakers. So let’s pull out all the stops as Exit Strategy is finally released into the wild. Share with wild abandon. Word of mouth is how good books find new readers.

Thank you for making this such an incredible journey. The act of writing books (or making anything) is fraught with pain, frustration, and existential crisis. It is so, so, so easy to give up along the way. Having friends and readers like you is an unbelievable boon. Your support gives me the energy I need to press on through a tough rough draft. Your enthusiasm gives me the inspiration I need to dream up new stories. That’s why the first thing I did when we sent Exit Strategy off to the printers was… start a new novel :). Don’t worry you’ll here more about it in the months to come.

Once again, you can find Exit Strategy here:


I still can’t fathom that the trilogy is finally complete and I look forward to getting your take on the story.