Your Strategy is Your Story

I had a lot of fun doing this interview for the entrepreneurship podcast. We talked about the importance of storytelling to anyone hoping to build a company as well as the craft of shaping the best story for the right audience. Really cool to have the novelist/business worlds collide.

In their words:

“Eliot Peper, author of the Uncommon Stock fiction series, talks with us about the critical importance of nailing your story. From communicating with customers, to investors, to employees, your story has to matter. He shares some fantastic strategies and techniques to make sure you’re framing your story in the most impactful way.”

They also cherry picked a few fun pull quotes:

“Storytelling is the skill that distinguishes the top 1% of founders.”

“To tell a good story – focus on the obstacle, not the ending.”

“A strategy is not a roadmap, it’s understanding why you’re important.”

You can listen to the full interview here: