Dr. Evil’s Milk Run

I was thrilled when Brad Feld agreed to host this post about the lessons I learned over the course of writing my last three novels. The article focuses on cybersecurity and vulnerabilities in our public and financials institutions and is based on interviews with technologists, international money laundering investigators, and federal special agents. You can read it here:


Brad is a leading venture capital investor at Foundry Group, cofounder of Techstars, and author of the classic, Venture Deals. He was was also the first reader of the first book, published Version 1.0 and the Power Play through FG Press, and has been an enormous champion of The Uncommon Series along the way. Over the past few years he’s become a true friend and his support and encouragement have been key motivators for my writing efforts.

That made working up this post particularly fun. I was shocked by what the research behind the books turned up. The organizations charged with protecting our most sensitive data are incredibly insecure. The regulators who are supposed to police them are often clueless. Flawed software architecture is often the core culprit and there doesn’t appear to be enough political will to seriously address the issue.

I’m interested to hear what you think. It’s an area in desperate need of creative problem solving.