What’s the deal with VR?

Trying to figure out why VR is all the rage right now even though you probably haven’t tried it? A few weeks ago I got to try an pre-release “room scale” VR rig at a secret lab down in SoCal. After donning the goggles, my immediate reaction was “WOW.” I was suddenly standing in another world, a world in which I could spray paint in 3D and walk through my own creations, a world in which I struggled to fix a mad scientist’s robot before it exploded. The part about experiencing VR that’s impossible to capture in an article, photo, or Youtube video is that you feel like you’re really there.
Luckily, our friend Josh Anon just wrote up this comprehensive guide to understanding what the deal is VR and why everyone seems to be freaking out about it. Josh spent 10 years at Pixar, knows pretty much everyone working on VR, and is the most knowledgeable human I know on the subject. If you’re curious, his guide is a good place to start: