Unveiling Neon Fever Dream

I’m delighted to share that my next novel, Neon Fever Dream, is coming out August 4th! The Kindle version is already available for preorder here.



A dark secret hides in the swirling dust and exultant revelry of Burning Man.

Asha Amarasuriya is bored and struggling to get by as a martial arts instructor in Oakland. When an enigmatic seductress offers her a golden ticket, Asha decides to take a leap of faith and head to Burning Man. But there is more than meets the eye at the infamous desert pilgrimage and Asha gets sucked into a quest to unravel a sinister mystery at the heart of Black Rock City.

Will Asha and her friends survive to expose the shadowy conspiracy? By the time the Man burns, their lives will have changed forever.

“Outstanding. Totally nails it at all levels. Incredibly powerful female characters who are simultaneously introspective and totally kickass heroic leaders. I read the whole book in one evening and loved it.”
-Brad Feld, Managing Director at Foundry Group

Brad read an early draft and already published a post about it, which you can check out for a sneak peek under the hood of the book.

Neon Fever Dream is in the last stages of proofing and design. I’m really happy with how how the story came together and can’t wait to get it into your hands next month. I’m nervous and excited to hear what you think.

Finally, if you have a column, podcast, mailing list, or blog audience, would you like to do a feature, review, interview, or post an excerpt? I’ve made very few media commitments so far, so let me know.