The Mental Gymnastics of Space Travel

In the latest Incoming Transmission over at Scout, I talk to novelist Meg Howrey about the inner lives of astronauts. Read the interview right here.

Meg shares many thought-provoking insights into the human experience of astronauts, the psychology of peak performance, and the cultural power of the final frontier. Her novel, The Wanderers, is a deep, awe-inspiring, and thoughtful story about three astronauts preparing to go to Mars (I featured it in my reading recommendation newsletter). As her protagonists struggle through a brutal seventeen month training exercise that simulates every aspect of the impending journey, Howrey illuminates the hearts and minds of these extraordinary people with clarity and precision. In doing so, she shows that our dreams of exploring space reveal as much about human nature as they do about the cosmos.

You can find more Incoming Transmissions from visionary authors like Malka Older, Cory Doctorow, and Kim Stanley Robinson here.

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