Machine Learning President, or how to role-play the 2020 election

Earlier this year, I co-designed a political simulation game with Randy Lubin, Berit Anderson, Brett Horvath, and Mike Masnick that went viral when The New Yorker reported that the right-wing billionaire Mercer family had somehow gotten their hands on the rules.

As a result, Peter Sagal, host of NPR’s “Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me!”, and Max Tempkin, creator of Cards Against Humanity, hosted us to run the game at Cards Against Humanity HQ in Chicago for a group of public officials, activists, and artists.

It was… WILD.

Polygon has the full story:

Complement with Kate Conger’s overview of what really happened behind the scenes when the game went viraland this podcast where Mike and I discuss how to use the tools of science fiction to make sense of the future.

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