Borderless shows us the tech-fueled nightmare that we’ve all created

Ars Technica just ran a wonderful review of my new novel: “Borderless shows us the tech-fueled nightmare that we’ve all created. A matryoshka of a story… Where do you draw the line between who you are and what you want to be?”

One of my favorite aspects of this review is how its author, Cyrus Farivar, connects so many of the themes in Borderless to experiences and realizations in his own life. Cyrus is a veteran technology journalist whose critically-acclaimed nonfiction book Habeas Data digs deep into the strange history of surveillance law and reveals the hidden rules, questions, and contradictions that define our digital lives. Reading his review reminds me that all literature is one extended conversation about the meaning of life, and that my fiction exists in dialogue with his reporting.

Complement with Ars Technica on Bandwidth and Cumulus, an exclusive excerpt from Borderless, and this behind-the-scenes peek into how I wrote the novel.

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