Interview with Indie Digital Media

I talked to Richard MacManus at Indie Digital Media about lessons I’ve learned writing and publishing novels:

“Books (and other creative products) succeed when readers tell other readers about them. That means that the most important thing I can do when I launch a new thing is get it into the hands of people who will love it so very much that they won’t be able to keep their enthusiasm to themselves, and then trust them to share it with the world.”

“I shared work I was proud of with people I cared about, people whose work I respected and championed, people who had real, personal, specific reasons for wanting to take a chance on my novels. Over time, that group of people grew. In short, I kept writing and built direct relationships with a small but growing community of readers.”

“We can’t control popularity, but we can control inputs. Doing your best work and putting it out there exposes you to serendipity. Focus on that, and sooner or later the rest will take care of itself.”

Complement with three pieces of advice for building a writing career, how to build an organic fanbase, and my Indie Hackers interview.

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