‘Eliot Peper Imagines A Future Ruled By Social Media’

The Chicago Review of Books interviewed me about the future extrapolated in Borderless:


“There is so much more information than we can possibly digest, and feeds are the imperfect filters that try to distill what we want from what’s out there. But their imperfections generate horrendous side effects, like unjust parole decisions made on the basis of racially biased data. And even more fundamentally, the sheer scale of feeds gives their masters enormous hidden power. In a world awash in information, the curator is king.”

“People in tech famously fail to grasp the nuances of politics and, as every congressional hearing of Silicon Valley executives confirms, people in politics are desperately ignorant of how technology actually works.”

“As technology changes the structure and flow of power, we must adapt the ways in which we share power and hold those in power to account.”

Complement with my Whose Century Is It? podcast interview, using science fiction to understand the future of the web, and Cory Doctorow on networks of power and the power of networks in Bandwidth.

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