Geekiverse interview

I talked to Pete Herr at The Geekiverse about writing the Analog series:

The Analog series is about how ubiquitous digital feeds shape our lives and politics. It’s about power and love and alienation and kindness and courage and adventure and perseverance. It’s about the decline of the nation-state and the rise of the tech platform. It’s about what happens when borders crumble and seas rise and Arctic sea ice melts and forest fires devour Los Angeles and people still find hope, still strive to build a better future. It’s about how we seem to tear each other apart the more we stitch ourselves together, and what it means to gather up the scraps, and tease out the threads, and weave a new and beautiful and different pattern.”

“I recently cleaned out my parent’s basement and discovered a tattered cardboard box in the back corner under a bunch of old toys and dusty ski gear. The box was full of books I had treasured as an adolescent. My middle school gave each eighth-grader a book of their choice as a graduation gift. Standing there in the basement twenty years later, I opened the box to discover my copy of William Gibson’s Neuromancer, spotted with mold spores and complete with a signed note from the principal. That book cast a strange sort of spell on me, threw fresh shadows across my world, and gave me a new perspective on what technology and literature can do.”

“While I was planning Breach, my wife and I watched the incredible Netflix documentary Hip-Hop Evolution. It was fascinating watching a genre take shape and learning the origin stories for so many of the songs I had grown up listening to. Right then and there, I knew Emily, the protagonist, had to be a diehard fan of classic hip-hop—it was so her. So I went on social media and asked the internet what her favorite tracks should be. Honestly, I was expecting crickets, so I was shocked when hundreds of suggestions came in, many with extensive notes explaining each song’s context and subtext. I was overwhelmed in the best possible way and created a playlist that collected the crowdsourced recommendations in one place. You can listen to it here.

Start reading the Analog series today.

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