When is a project done?

When is a project done? Like really done. Done, done. It’s a problem that every writer, artist, and creator struggles with.

An idea strikes from an orthogonal angle. You flesh it out, explore its possibilities, get to work. Eventually the fuzzy front end slides into focus and you grind through the messy middle until you reach the glorious, long-awaited end.

Except that—like any obnoxious inspirational poster will tell you—the end is really just a new beginning. Edits. Notes. Revisions. Feedback. Refinements. Real artists ship, but where exactly do you finally call a halt? You can’t stop until you’ve made the project the best it can be, but what if the changes you’re making threaten what makes it great in the first place?

When is a project done? When you glare at it, and it glares back—proud, unafraid, demanding to face the world on its own terms.

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