Interview on Balance the Grind

Hao Nguyen interviewed me about creative process, motivation, and workflow for Balance the Grind:

When I start something, I finish it. Finishing projects is enormously empowering and propels me forward with tremendous momentum into new projects. It’s a snowball effect for creativity.


I follow my curiosity. I used to read books that felt ‘serious’ or ‘important.’ I constantly found that I didn’t have time to read, and that when I did, it felt like work. Then I switched things up and whenever something piqued my interest, I’d lose myself in that rabbit hole until my enthusiasm waned, and consequently waxed for something else. Now I read fast and my intellectual curiosity is insatiable. It’s the primary guidepost that informs my work and life.


Be kind to yourself and others. Lend a hand to others trying to forge their own paths. Notice things you want to exist in the world, and then make them. Share work you’re proud of with people you care about. Enjoy the ride.

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