Seth Godin’s new workshop for creatives

For me, writing a novel is an emotional rollercoaster. Here’s the 1980’s montage version: bursting with ideas and enthusiasm—>thinking “wow, this one is different in a good way” as I whiz through the first few chapters—>insidious doubts gather in my mental shadows until—>somewhere around the halfway point I have an existential crisis that this book won’t, can’t work—>after extensive struggle, the crisis resolves into a new understanding of the story itself—>momentum builds until I’m experiencing the excitement of reading the climax even as I write it—>etc.

It turns out that this doesn’t get easier. It’s a rollercoaster I board ever time I write a new book. The only difference experience makes is that now I know that I’m buying a ticket when I embark on a new story. The rollercoaster is an integral part of my process. I choose the rollercoaster.

Realizing that the rollercoaster is a choice is crucial. It means I’m signing up to do the work. It means that when things get tough, I recognize that the struggle is the work. It means that when fear rears its ugly head, I face it—clear-eyed and even-keeled.

Seth Godin is one of a few extraordinary people who have contributed to keeping my keel even over the course of writing nine-going-on-ten novels. His blog, books, and podcast have been a constant source of energy and a welcome reminder to do what I know is right. So I was eager to volunteer when Seth asked to interview me for his new creativity workshop.

The Creative’s Workshop is for writers, designers, and artists who want to deepen their craft together. If it’s anything like his other workshops, participants will find it transformative. In Seth’s words, “You’ll learn to find your voice, to do work that a professional can stand behind, to make a living while making a difference.” Check it out, and then go make good art.

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